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Dec. 22nd, 2010

"A quote"

Your amazing, and I love you but I'm not waiting forever, so if you want me in your life, tell me before I give up on you and move on.

Writer's Block: It's a wonderful life!

What's your favorite holiday TV special or movie, and why?

a lot.. and i dont want to name one because i think the new movie that i will watch this coming christmas is awesome and i will name it after i watch :)

Dec. 7th, 2010

This Day Was soo tiring..

a week of a very busy day at school.. This week is our "Palaro week" or intrams it is a week of competition by many departments at school.. each department has chosen their players which will compete to the other players on the other departments, and "ME" was chosen to be the player of "scrabble" it is the game of words by words, players must pic seven tiles of letters and they must think of a great word that they will put on a scrabble board and there was a scorer who will count on every points that your words has then the biggest score are the winner..

it is a very hard game, but it's fun, our game was done this day.. but i'm sad to say guys.. i lose.. but it's fine thanks for all the people around me who still believe in me, and the best couch it was a very great experience for me.

hear are some pic during on our Opening Parade

"walking on the street" i was the one with a mask

"Department flag raising"

some friends after the parade, and i am the photographer LOL!

after the Parade i am on the right side wearing the green one..

it's sooo tiring at the same time it's fun, intrams are still ongoing it will end this saturday.. sooo maybe i will be busy and not update for mybe 2 or 3 days my LJ account, but i will try to open for some update..

Nov. 28th, 2010

Writer's Block: That's good eats

What was your favorite childhood meal? Do you still love it? Does it taste as good as you remember it?

i have a lot of favorite..
but i remember i always eat
spaghetti and yah until now
everytime i saw it iwas like turning
into a six yr old child again..

Nov. 24th, 2010

i miss comments

i just want some my LJ to comment on my entry,
i am soo lonely now!!

Nov. 19th, 2010

Writer's Block: What's under Snape's cape?

If you could cast one type of magic spell, which would you choose, and why?

i just dont know what word to start this...

Blah Blah blah!! :P

i wonder why things mess up, even though you plan it right.

have you ever Plan things? or maybe list some things that you will gonna do for the day?
if you does, then you ever notice even how long or how hard you plan for something sometimes it never goes to perfect? i dont know what i am into but i just wonder why things mess up, even though you plan it right? haha kinda funny question but i think this for more than an hour and ask to my 32 friends in here but i dont think i was happy with their answers, i just want to know more about your thoughts thats why i am writing it now...
i just think this stuff when i accidentally saw the inspirational video on my PC and yah dont ask me what it is.. haha it doesnt matter anyways, but..... the thing that matters is that your thoughts about my wonder stuff...

Nov. 18th, 2010

"here is the video i made" I never knew the meaning of christmas By: Nsync

tell me what you guys think about my video!! thanks

just finished some chores

hi guys, i am sooo bored now everybody was out in the house they will be back after 3 hours they buy some gift for my sister who's celebrating her 26 birthday, i just finished greeted her and i wish her all the best, that's what i want for her, we're not pretty close but i love her, she's advising me some things when i mess up!! And that mean a lot she teaches me some great things about life she's married and already has 2 daughter w/c i really love.

anyways just blogging again after this past days of sickness Lol, but i'm not feeling good now, i just take medicine and it helps me to recover fast thats why i'm thankful for that, anyways i will share later my video.. it's a slideshow with a christmas song music, hope you guys like it!! have a great day everyone.

Nov. 16th, 2010

Not feeling good,,

i have a fever.. and thank god school break was extend until monday..
i still have one more week to have a rest, i just go at school yesterday
coz that's what i know that school will start on that day.. but yay!! i'm the only student at the campus and the security guard told me that school break was extend and it was soo embarrassing coz i'm on a complete uniform hahahahaha!!!!

but anyways i'm glad it extend coz i'm not feeling well..
i need more rest and i still have cough..
urrrggg i hate it!!!

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