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Unknown Cousin's Arrived


i walk up to the noise of my dad, speaking to somebody over the phone.. ggrrrr kinda annoying coz i really want to sleep and it disturbed me a lot!!! i just walk up because of his noise and then he tell us to fix our bed coz our cousin will arrrived and yah who cares,, i dont know them..
so i ignored.. then he was cooking Beef at the kitchen i dont know the exact name of the dish coz i did not ask and i never mind him.. so that's it..
after an hour yah!! our cousin are now at home.. my god i just stay at the room and locked the door hahah i did not fix the mess yet and dahh my hair was like a dry plant hahahh!!

Mid day:

yah!! i heard their voice at the living room my father congratulating my cousin coz he will graduate to PMA Next year and yah he's sooo proud to him.. and yah i felt jelous a bit coz he really admired my cousin and wweell he always admired everybody except his own child..


yah!! its like 2:00 o clock in the afternoon, i finally go out on the room,, perfectly dressed and already finished bath and yah hair are not dry anymore.. and i say hi to my cousin.. yah i think he's cute lol.. but he's my cousin and he's like 3 yr older than me if i'm not mistaken..
i cooked,, and i served them.. i glanced to him.. but he never knew i did.. my dad tell me everything about him!! like how he entered PMA.. what is his journey but yah i listened like i am interested but honestly i dont.. and my dad tells me that he's reaally a grEAT MAN.. haahaa and i hate the way he tell's us that he really make him proud..

yah as if we his owned children never did..
and soo happy.. and yah thats it.. comment guyz!!